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Ask me how to get a new...


My name is Katie and I'm your gal if...

Hey there!

*You're looking for a BRILLIANT user-friendly website

*You need some custom graphics for your platforms

*or You want to learn how to DIY & succeed

* You'll catch me up LATE too-often

* I will happily order a Big Red from Sonic

* I love finding hacks/work smarter, not harder

* I have a degree in psychology and wanted to study I/O psych

* One of my scars is from accidentally getting hit in the head by a golf club. . . *pro tip: keep your distance when your mates are teeing off* 

Picture of Wix Website Designer Katie Garland: smiling, wearing a white shirt with a navy blue cardigan, with curly hair and a pearl necklace, smiling.

Some tidbits about me:

Dark Rocks

Available Cover Designs

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Worried your site will be too difficult to maintain? Fret not!
We only design with Wix & Squarespace around here!

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