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2.5-inch Holographic I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie



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For all the fantasy fans out there....we know your books are thick.

Prefer using an ereader? Better put this on there to let people know you're not weak—you just prefer being able to take those thick books everywhere you go.


Even if you prefer your books to be a bit thin, it's still a catchy sticker, right? Add this fun art to any drinkware and run it through the dishwasher time and time again! 


Size: 2.5" tall


Artwork created by Sapphire Midnight Design.


Owner Note: Stickers are rated to be dishwasher-safe, but after just a month of use, I have seen the edges peel on this particular sticker. I recommend handwashing any waterbottles with the sticker or using in placements that won't be washed frequently.


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