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"I like my books clean and my sodas dirty" Soda Cup Pin



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If you call yourself a fan of "clean books" and love to drink "dirty sodas" this is for you! If you don't know what a dirty soda is, this is obviously not your pin, but it could be—see below! 


These clear, acrylic pins are perfect for decorating your trusty book bag you take to the library each week. They'll spruce up any denim jacket! With a soft, black rubber clutch, you'll know it is secure and comfy!


Note: pins are shipped with a protective matte film to prevent scratching, please remove this film to take in all the shiny glory! (They can hard to peel off) 


Dirty soda: a soda with mixins (i.e. flavored syrups, fruit, and/or cream)

The original dirty soda was a Coke mixed with coconut cream and lime! 


Pin design is custom artwork from Sapphire Midnight Design. Also available as a sticker design.


Only 8 left in stock


Buy 5 or more stickers* and save 20% off each one.
Buy 10 or more stickers* and save 50% off each one. 

(*Magnets, pins, and buttons included!)


Our stickers* always ship free!

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*Magnets, pins, and buttons included

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